How To Play Guitar & Sing At The Same Time

Here’s a guest post we did for Normans Musical Instruments on How To Play Guitar & Sing At The Same Time – Something we get asked about a huge amount.

Here It Is – How To Play Guitar And Sing At The Same Time

Happy reading and good luck!


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Guitar Beginners’ FAQ Part 2 – How Long Will It Take To Learn?

Hi everyone,

Here’s part 2 in our new series of answers to Guitar Beginners’ FAQ.  Find Part 1 here and General Guitar Lesson FAQ here.

Onto question 2 then,

“How Long Will It Take Me To Learn?”

Just like Question 1, this is something you probably know the answer to better than we do.  If you’re someone who is willing to put in the practice time, and who perseveres with things, and perhaps even more importantly loves music and has a strong desire to play it, then the answer is not very long at all.  If these things don’t apply, then a lot longer, if at all!

But before getting into all that, we need to define “learn”.  – Learn what? How will you know when you’re someone who “can play”?  Furthermore, just about all the greatest musicians of our time and recent history have at one point or another said something along the lines of “you have to never stop learning”, “The journey is never over” and so on.

If you’ll consider yourself somebody who plays the guitar once you can strum “Wonderwall” then generally speaking, it won’t take as long as it takes to play Stairway To Heaven start to finish.

So our outlook, and advice to you would be that playing the guitar is a concept that is made up of a multitude of different elements and aspects, each differing to another in difficulty, and again from person to person, based upon how naturally musical you are, previous instrumental experience, or willingness to put in the practice time.

So the quickest way to learn is to forget about having a number of weeks in mind and immerse yourself in the material, the practice and the passion for the instrument and music as a whole.

– Might sound a bit of a dry, boring answer, but when you’re blasting out songs and riffs really soon you’ll be very happy indeed!

So, ANSWER:  Shut up and get on with it! 🙂

Happy playing!


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Meet Our Guitar Teachers – Video Performances

Hi everyone,

Here’s a chance to meet our guitar teachers who cover London and the surrounding areas.

On our website we feature a page of Guitar Teacher profiles, listing our teachers’ information, qualifications, experience and successes.

And here below is a video playlist featuring performances by a selection of our Guitar teachers – From home studio performances, to Classical Guitar competition recitals, to Glastonbury to The Albert Hall.

We hope you enjoy the great playing featured in the videos, and we’ll post soon when we upload some videos of our newest teachers too.


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Guitar Themed TBT Part Two

Welcome to part 2 in our Guitar-themed TBT (Throwback Thursday) mini series.

You can find part 1 here.

Again, we’re featuring 3 great Guitar videos from days gone by.  Just as part 1 contained performances from 1959, 1969 and 1979, now’s the time for 1989, 1999 and 2009.  So here we go!

1) 1989 – Night Of The Guitar

2) 1999 – Guitar Boogie – Tommy Emmanuel

3) 2009 – Joe Bonamassa Live 


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September Special Offers!

Welcome to this post about some extra special offers on Guitar Lesson Packages, running until 8th September only for the “Back To School” season.  We are offering:

  • 12 Lessons for the price of 10 (Usually 11 for 10)
  • 6 Lessons for the price of 5 (Usually buy 5 receive a free accesory)

We also have a new and improved referrals policy, meaning once you’re onboard, you can receive multiple free lessons just for referring a single new student to us.

Find out everything you need to know via the following useful links:

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Guitar Teacher Profiles

Guitar Teacher Videos




Common Questions From Beginners

Today I’m going to answer some of the most common questions beginner students tend to have.  Some from absolute beginners, some from students a month or two down the line.  Hopefully you find it useful!

1)  What Guitar Should I Buy?  Should I start on Electric or Acoustic?

  • Our website has a whole page on what guitar to buy.  So make sure you have a look at that.
  • Electric Vs. Acoustic –  That’s really down to you.  On Electric Guitar it’s easier to play in the sense that the strings are usually closer to the neck and therefore require less pressure and the frets and body are smaller.  However, with an Acoustic, you don’t require an amp, you’ll get a fuller “strum-along” type sound and you’ll keep your neighbours happy!  It’s your choice.

2)  How Do I Tune My Guitar?

  • First of all – Buy yourself a guitar tuner.  Preferably a clip-on one, as these work on vibrations so you can use it on any guitar, electric/acoustic/classical/bass, even a ukulele or mandolin.  You’re not having to also buy or rely on leads and cables, and it’s a very small, portable item.
  • Make sure you know what notes the strings should be – E A D G B E
  • With your tuner on, play each string at a time, and adjust it higher or lower (tighter or looser) until the display shows the correct pitch.

3)  How Do I Change Between Chords Faster?

  • Firstly, look out for common notes between the chords, are there fingers that don’t need to move in a chord change?
  • Try to move your fretting hand from one chord to the next as a whole, rather than one finger at a time.
  • Look ahead.  Don’t leave the chord change until the last second.  Be prepared, looking ahead as you play, ready to change.
  • Use the last up-strum in the bar / last half-beat as changeover time, strumming up across the open strings as you change chord shape then strum down into the new chord


4)  How Can I Get Better With Barre Chords?

  • Make sure your thumb is halfway down the back of the neck, squeezing the neck between your thumb and index finger.
  • This shape is all in the fingers, not the wrist.  Your arm shouldn’t be bending in a crazy almost-right-angle at the wrist.  Bend at the elbow and fingers!
  • If you practise changing from an open chord, to a barre chord, in a loop, for 1 minute, every day for a week, you’ll be pretty close.  Just do it!

5)  What Songs Should I Learn

  • In your lessons, we will ask you what your favourite songs/bands/artists are and teach you some of those that are simple enough for your current level
  • We will also teach you some of the classic, tried-and-tested, useful songs to learn for your development.

Through these 2 simultaneous approaches, you will both develop in the style you love and also be exposed to new material.


For any questions of your own, please feel free to leave a comment below, or get in touch via our website : Guitar Lessons London