Guitar Lessons In Hampstead NW3

Here’s a post about the music history of Hampstead NW3 and the guitar lessons service we provide in that area of London:

Guitar Lessons In Hampstead NW3




Music & London Areas Blog Series

Hi everyone,

Over at our Bruce Music onsite blog we’ve started a series of posts about the individual areas of London.

These posts talk first about the relationship an area has to Music – History, venues, residents, pop culture references and so on, featuring videos, audio tracks, images, links and stories.

They then move on to discuss the Guitar Lessons we provide in that area.

This blog series is updated between 1-2 times per week, with a new area focus each time.  So far, we’ve covered some of the main North West London areas, the links to which can be found below.  Much more coming soon!

Guitar Lessons Camden

Guitar Lessons Hampstead

Guitar Lessons Baker Street

Guitar Lessons St John’s Wood

If there’s an area you want us to post about then Get in touch


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