Social Media Highlights -March 2016

Hi everyone,

Here’s a round up of all the stories, media and tips/tricks that we shared on social media in March 2016, in case you missed any of it.

  1. The Appearance Of The Glastonbury 2016 Poster

glastonbury pic

2.  Video Tributes From Ringo Starr, Brian Eno and Rick Rubin to George Martin, who died on 8th March


3.  Music Radar released their results on The 10 Best FX Pedals of 2015 including TC Electronic’s Vibe Viscous

vibe viscous

4.  Also from Music Radar, 15 Guitar Pedals We Wish Existed

That’s it for this month.  We’ll bring you April’s highlights at the end of the month.  In the meantime, happy playing!


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Angel, Islington, London N1

Guitar Lessons In Angel

We teach people all over London and the surrounding areas.

In this London areas blog series, each post discusses an individual part of London.  We’ll talk about our Guitar Lessons  we offer in that area and while we’re on the topic, we’ll study the music history, venues and residents that area has too.  Today it’s N1 – Angel, Islington.

If you missed the recent posts on North West London areas, follow these links:

Guitar Lessons Camden NW1
Guitar Lessons St John’s Wood NW8
Guitar Lessons Baker Street NW1
Guitar Lessons Hampstead NW3
Guitar Lessons Kilburn NW6
Guitar Lessons West Hampstead NW6

Music And Angel Islington – London N1

First of all – Angel Studios – this beautiful studio complex was built and established by the library music specialists De Wolfe music, and moreover houses a wonderful Speechley Pipe Organ from 1888.

Next up, the fantastic Union Chapel

Guitar Lessons Angel Islington N1

The Union Chapel: Church & Venue In Islington

There’s a dense local Pop music history, which can be read about/listened to in both article and podcast via this

Last up, we’d like to say a word for the long-established music shop Islington Music

Guitar Lessons Angel Islington

3 of our fantastic team of Guitar Teachers cover Angel, Islington, London N1.  As standard in our service we visit you at home, your workplace, or any location of your choice.  We’re available weekdays, evenings and weekends.   You can view our brilliant Guitar Teachers’ profiles here:

Guitar Teachers London – Bruce Music

Our expert London teachers are professional, experienced, and friendly.  At Bruce Music our progressive Guitar teaching methods and our excellent customer service set us apart.  We provide the highest quality Guitar Lessons in London – To book, enquire, or discuss anything at all about your Guitar Lessons – please get in touch now.


Guitar Lessons London

Piano Lessons London

Guitar Lessons Camden, NW1 With Bruce Music

Guitar Lessons Camden – NW1

Bruce Music – Guitar Lessons in Camden NW1.

Our brilliant London-based Guitar Teachers between them, cover all of Greater London and the surrounding areas.

In this blog series we focus on specific London areas, and provide information on the Guitar Lessons that we offer in these areas.  In this post – Guitar Lessons in Camden, NW1.  Camden is a London area synonymous with music – Known for its Music scene, venues and Music history too.

Music In Camden


Camden is one of London’s richest areas of Music history, particularly in recent years.  Known for The Roundhouse, The 90’s Britpop Scene, Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club, and the late, iconic Amy Winehouse.  Below, you’ll find some resources and links relating to the strong history of Camden’s music scene, including an informative Rock ‘N’ Roll Walking tour that’s great fun too:

Camden Lock’s Music History Resource

Camden Rock ‘N’ Roll Walking Tour

10 moments in Camden’s Britpop History


Guitar Lessons Camden

Three of our expert, friendly London-based Guitar tutors cover Camden, NW1.  They can visit you at home, at work, or another location of your choice, providing the best Guitar Lessons in Camden.  These teachers are Alex, Daniel, and Neli, and you can view their profiles and videos via the following links:

Guitar Teachers Camden Profiles

Guitar Teachers Camden Videos

Our Camden Guitar teachers bring professionalism, knowledge and experience.  Our progressive Guitar teaching methods, and our excellent customer service set us apart.  Bruce Music provide the best Guitar Lessons in Camden

See you soon for Guitar Lessons In Camden!


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Guitar Teacher Of The Month

At Bruce Music we’re featuring a different one of our London-based Teachers each month.

April 2016’s featured Guitar teacher is Nina.

Guitar Lessons London

Our Guitar Teacher Nina Gromniak

Nina is a talented guitar teacher and experienced touring musician who is a graduate of Brighton’s Institute of Modern Music. She is currently the lead guitarist for iconic 60’s/70’s rockstar Arthur Brown, who had a UK no.1 single with “Fire”. She has performed on UK and european tours and at festivals including the world famous Glastonbury festival with Arthur Brown’s act “The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown”

Nina’s teaching method draws on her experience at the very forefront of the UK Music Industry. She teaches with a practical, modern approach and her kind, friendly nature makes her a very popular guitar teacher. Her students always see quick results.

Summer 2016 will see Nina playing the major venues and festivals on the UK and Europe circuits and regularly sessioning around London as her strong reputation develops. Watch Nina’s Glastonbury Guitar Solo with Arthur Brown.

Here’s a video of Nina soloing at Glastonbury!

To arrange a lesson with Nina or any other of our Teachers then please contact Bruce Music now


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Guitar Lessons London

Music & London Areas Blog Series

Hi everyone,

Over at our Bruce Music onsite blog we’ve started a series of posts about the individual areas of London.

These posts talk first about the relationship an area has to Music – History, venues, residents, pop culture references and so on, featuring videos, audio tracks, images, links and stories.

They then move on to discuss the Guitar Lessons we provide in that area.

This blog series is updated between 1-2 times per week, with a new area focus each time.  So far, we’ve covered some of the main North West London areas, the links to which can be found below.  Much more coming soon!

Guitar Lessons Camden

Guitar Lessons Hampstead

Guitar Lessons Baker Street

Guitar Lessons St John’s Wood

If there’s an area you want us to post about then Get in touch


Guitar Lessons London – Bruce Music

Our Teacher Profiles, Pictures and Videos

Hi everyone,

At Bruce Music we have the best, most personable instrumental teachers in London.  We hire only the pick of London’s young musicians, those who match our ethos of enjoyment, encouragement and motivation, and who are active in the worlds of performance, composition and education.

This post is to direct you to their profiles and pictures so you can see the quality on offer, and enjoy the virtuoso skills in their performance videos too.

Our London Guitar Teacher Profiles

Our London Piano Teacher Profiles

And our Guitar Teacher performance videos – including a competition winning classical Guitar performance from Daniel, a blazing Guitar solo at the Royal Albert Hall from Vic, Nina soloing at Glastonbury, Jack’s virtuoso percussive Acoustic skills, and much more.



London Guitar Lessons

London Piano Lessons

Quick Practice Tips – Daily Blog – Day 4

Welcome to day 4 and another brand new expert Guitar practice tip from our London Guitar Teachers

Tip 4:  End on a high note!

Whatever’s In your practice routine, or whatever new things you’re covering that day, finish on a positive.  Don’t walk away from the guitar having just had an unsuccessful moment.  You’re a guitarist who is always improving and developing and aspiring to something, so don’t finish a session on a negative note.

Of course, this includes being aware that what a positive note is can be a sliding scale.  If you’re trying to increase your speed of a solo from 60 bpm to 200 bpm, then finishing a practice session having worked it up to 90 bpm is a hugely positive step.  Remember this!  You don’t have to have literally completed everything in order to finish positively.

The point is – resolve any problems or confusions before you finish

Day 5’s tip coming tomorrow.

Good luck and happy playing!


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