Derek Trucks’ Top 5 Tips For Guitarists

Here’s a fantastic Music Radar post in which Slide Guitar God Derek Trucks shares his Top 5 Tips For Guitarists.  They’re applicable to slide and non-slide players alike, so have a look and take them all on board.

Derek’s Tips

Happy playing!


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Social Media Highlights September 2015

Hi everyone,

Here’s the best of this month’s Social Media output, relating to all sorts, including Guitars, Pianos and Keyboards, Classical Music, Jazz Music, Concert Films, Art, Autumn, London and Writer’s Block!

Ed Sheeran’s debut concert film will be screened in late October Read More

Ed Sheeran

Pianist Bob Karty’s Kickstarter project reunites members Of Oregon And The Pat Metheny Group With an Imaginative Original Composition Check It Out

Next up, Beyond Blues – How to recreate slide guitar sounds – using only normal string bends! Here’s The Lesson!

Mozart (finally) goes to Newcastle and gets a Johnny Rotten makeover!  An explanation


Here’s the ultimate guide to Autumn in London – Get Ready


And finally – 14 ways to beat creative block

We’ll be back with more in October, and normal blogging resumes later this week!


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5 Guitarists You Should Know (But Might Not!)

Here are 5 guitarists that tend to only be known within circles of advanced guitar players, or die-hard fans.
Get listening, they’re all doing something unusual and brilliant!  Each name is also a link to a YouTube video.

1) Jon Gomm

2) Antoine Dufour

3) Tommy Emmanuel

4) Guthrie Govan

5) Derek Trucks

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Slide Guitar : Getting Started

If you’re new to slide guitar playing, you’ll probably notice 3 basic obstacles.  Below I’ll give you the 3 corresponding solutions, to help you get started with slide guitar playing.

1 – “When I play it doesn’t sound like slide guitar, it just sounds like poor playing”
The key to slide guitar playing, and the main thing to distinguish it from normal playing, is that you should not apply the normal amount of pressure with the fretting hand.  The slide should just touch the strings, lightly making contact, rather than pushing the string onto the fretboard as usual.  The slide should never really make contact with the wood, but rather just “slide” along the string independently.

2 – “Whenever I play a note I get lots of unwanted noise”
Put the slide on your ring finger.  When playing a note, both your index and middle fingers rest on the strings behind the ring finger.  This way, your index and middle fingers “damp”/mute any unwanted noise of strings ringing out that may happen due to the light touch involved in slide playing (as covered in point 1).


3 – “I’ve got the technique, but my slide playing sounds out of tune”
You shouldn’t place your finger in the middle of the desired fret as per usual, but rather above the metal bar at the “end” of that fret.  ie.  If you want to play a note on the 7th fret, the slide should be positioned above the metal bar between the 7th and 8th frets.

Recommended Listening : Derek Trucks, Duane Allman, Ry Cooder

Happy sliding!